I only see XX number of things in the shop! What gives??
We do batch updates, listing everything we've made in the last month, typically on the last Sunday of each month. What is left in the shop it what was not snatched up on those days. Our Instagram account is the most reliable source for the sets we'll be selling each month and when the exact drop date and time will be!

When will new products become available?

Instagram will always be the most reliable way to see what we're making and will be listing at the end of the month sale for dice set and singles. Other products, like the stickers, will posted as they become available!

Are these really balanced?
We use the same resin for the body of each dice, in addition to the majority of the inserts we use, excepting lightweight things like decals and florals. Additionally we cure all our sets in a pressure pot to ensure there are no bubbles or voids that could cause any imbalances. These steps ensure each dice we make and sell are as random and fair as any set you could purchase at your local gaming store!

What's your Patreon and how does it work?
Our Patreon offers a lot of goodies, including some really cool feedback and input opportunities in the Discord server! There are physical rewards for subscribing for a certain amount of time, opportunities to get a custom set, and channels in the Discord where you can suggest designs and request old ones to be brought back! We worked hard to make the Patreon something that we would want to sign up for without hesitation, but possibly the biggest benefit for some people is the early access to sales and pre-orders. The best way to get a better shot at the dice you're pining after!

Will you remake any previous sets??
We do circle back to popular designs from time to time if we devise a way to improve or refresh it! A more reliable way to see it again is through our Patrons "Bring it Back" channel in the Discord server!